Welcome the Flintlock Theatre - an original theatre company in Oxford

Honorary Patron: Ian Ricketts

Flintlock Theatre launched in 2012 to create exciting, accessible theatre right here in Oxfordshire.  Since then, we’ve toured locally and nationally to great acclaim with support from Oxford Playhouse and Arts Council England. 

Flintlock Theatre was founded by Robin Colyer and Anna Glynn. Both experienced actors, Robin and Anna wanted to create a truly collaborative company that prioritised ensemble working and made intensely theatrical, exciting performances with a regular company of associate artists. Becoming Evolve Artists in Residence at Oxford Playhouse in 2013 marked an exciting new chapter for Flintlock. With Playhouse support, we have continued to develop work characterised by distinctive, high-energy storytelling through actor-led devising.

We get excited by tall tales and by innovative ways to engage our audiences. We love to work as an ensemble in which all members of a production - actors, musicians, directors, writers, designers, technicians - are considered crucial to the final creative outcome. We don't recognise a difference between 'cast' and 'creative'. Music, playfulness and laughter are all things you can expect to find in our rehearsal room.


Flintlock Theatre School provides weekly classes and holiday courses for students aged 5-18.  Covering singing, dance and drama for musical, classical and contemporary theatre, we offer top quality performing arts tuition led by experienced professional performers in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. Whether you’re considering a career in professional theatre or taking your first steps on stage, we’ve got a class for you. 

In 2010, Anna Glynn and Robin Colyer came together to form Oxford Academy of Performing Arts.  2015 sees the school re-named as Flintlock Theatre School, becoming the official education wing of the theatre company and enabling a close and creative working relationship. 


What's a Flintlock?

A flintlock is a dynamic mechanical device that creates a spark strong enough to ignite an explosion, invented by human ingenuity and an understanding of simple materials.  (Also known for blowing up in your face - but we don't talk about that bit...)


Our style is always evolving, but recently we were asked to sum up our approach for some A-level students who were writing about our work. This is how we described it:

High-energy, actor-led physical storytelling that exploits a direct, non-naturalistic relationship with the audience, often performed with the audience on 3 or 4 sides using minimal scenery,  costume and props, and often featuring a small number of multi-rolling actors and a lively, eccentric musical soundtrack.