Welcome the Flintlock Theatre - an original theatre company in Oxford

Honorary Patron: Ian Ricketts

Flintlock Theatre aims to make theatre that is at one and the same time familiar and entirely surprising. Incorporating music, movement, dance, technology, new writing and classic texts, we put our audiences front and centre of the theatrical experiences we create. We tour to pubs, village halls, town squares and the main stages of regional theatres. Reimagined classics, new writing, verbatim and site-specific work are all part of our portfolio; their common characteristics being a commitment to great storytelling, a love of tall tales and a delight in the anarchic and irreverent. Our theatre is founded on our sense of the potential of ensemble and a disregard for the traditional barriers between audience and performer.


Flintlock Theatre School provides weekly classes and holiday courses for students aged 5-18.  Covering singing, dance and drama for musical, classical and contemporary theatre, we offer top quality performing arts tuition led by experienced professional performers in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. 

What's a Flintlock?

A flintlock is a dynamic mechanical device that creates a spark strong enough to ignite an explosion, invented by human ingenuity and an understanding of simple materials.  (Also known for blowing up in your face - but we don't talk about that bit...)