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Honorary Patron: Ian Ricketts


AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE - Autumn Tour 2018

“The majority is never right. Never! Who do you think makes up the majority? 

Intelligent people or a load of bloody fools?”

Having rejuvenated the fortunes of a crumbling town, eminent doctor Tamsin Stockmann expects to be hailed as its saviour once again when she exposes a major public health risk. But the town’s prosperity hangs in the balance and opposition grows. Will she will lauded as hero of the hour or will Dr. Stockmann be declared an enemy of the people?

Following national tours of their “hugely entertaining” (Daily Info) The Government Inspector and “stonkingly brilliant” (Oxford Playhouse) Don Q, Flintlock Theatre return with a reimagined classic. Employing their signature high-energy storytelling, music and live digital interaction, Flintlock’s irreverent style brings Ibsen’s masterpiece into the 21st century in a searing examination of fake news, whistleblowing and who really wields power in contemporary Britain.

Co-commisioned by Greenwich Theatre and Farnham Maltings

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Nazerene Williams – Robert Durbin – Leonie Spilsbury – Owen Jenkins – Ben Ashton

Autumn 2018 Tour

NO DOGS [in development]

No Blacks. No Irish. No Dogs. That’s what the signs said. And here we are, fifty years later. I’m Jamaican. You’re Irish. Both British. But ain’t got no home nowhere. Not anywhere.

Niamh’s Irish but you wouldn’t know it, apart from the name nobody can spell. Paul’s black, well, Jamaican, actually, but English people don’t know the difference. Could be St. Kitt’s, Barbados, for all they know. And that’s the way he likes it. ‘Cos at night, at the club, they’re just kids, dancing, free in this new Britain, where you can be anything you want to be. Can’t you?

No Dogs charts the shared history of journeying and identity between Irish and Afro-Caribbean immigrants to the UK, exploring evolving notions of Britishness down the generations. Currently in development, No Dogs will be shared as a work in progress at rehearsed readings as part of Black History Month in October 2018.