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An Enemy of the People

“The majority is never right. Never! Who do you think makes up the majority? Intelligent people or a load of bloody fools?” 

Having rejuvenated the fortunes of a crumbling town, eminent doctor Tamsin Stockmann expects to be hailed as its saviour once again when she exposes a major public health risk. But the town’s prosperity hangs in the balance and opposition grows. Will she will lauded as hero of the hour or will Dr. Stockmann be declared an enemy of the people? Flintlock’s irreverent style brings Ibsen’s masterpiece into the 21st century in a searing examination of fake news, whistleblowing and who really wields power in contemporary Britain.

Co-commisioned by Greenwich Theatre and Farnham Maltings

Adapted by Robin Colyer & Anna Glynn

Direction, Design and Co- Sound Design by Robin Colyer

Dramaturgy by Anna Glynn

Lighting design and Co- Sound Design by William Alder

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Cast: Nazerene Williams, Robert Durbin, Leonie Spilsbury, Owen Jenkins, Ben Ashton

★★★★  "A vibrant ... slick production ... brought shrewdly up to date" Oxford Times 19/10/18

Last Words

2018 Based on the testimony of Oxford residents, this intimate ten-minute play from Flintlock Theatre explores loss, personality and remembering, celebrating the extraordinary lives of ordinary people.

Conceived and written by Anna Glynn

Directed and designed by Robin Colyer

A New Coat For Christmas

2017/18. Conceived and written by Anna Glynn, based on the children's story A New Coat for Anna by Harriet Ziefert.

Produced by Oxford Playhouse in association with Flintlock Theatre and Reading Rep

Directed by Anna Glynn

Original music by Robin Colyer

Four Score Years and Ten

A Flintlock Theatre and Hat Fair Co-Production 

A verbatim piece celebrating the lives of nonagenarians

Conceived and edited by Anna Glynn

Directed and designed by Robin Colyer

"Sensitively and cleverly conceived, beautifully performed…

What a great company Flintlock are…"

Mary Dawson - Chair of the Board, Hat Fair

'Living Shakespeare' Exhibition

2016 Part of the 'Shakespeare's Dead' Exhibition at the Bodleian Library (and also performed at libraries across the city). Commissioned by Shakespeare Oxford 2016 to commemorate 400 years since Shakespeare's death.

Directed by Anna Glynn. Designed by Robin Colyer.

Woolly Hat Fair: Live Advent Calendar

2015 Two pop-up pieces commissioned by Hat Fair

Written and performed by Robin Colyer & Anna Glynn

A Christmas Carol
Adapted by Neil Bartlett, Directed by Jonathan Lloyd

2015 Pegasus Theatre in association with Flintlock Theatre

Anna Glynn ­– Dramaturg and Script Supervisor;

Robin Colyer – Movement Director

Speakeasy II: Back to the Fifties

2015 Immersive 1950s theatre event raising funds for Flintlock Theatre

Written and directed by Anna Glynn

Genevieve’s (and Malcolm’s) Steamy Adventure

2015 Commissioned by Winchester Theatre Royal for Hat Fair

Written by Anna Glynn. 

Devised and performed by Anna Glynn and Robin Colyer

"A total treat"      

"Laugh till you ache"

"Absolutely fabulous"

Audience feedback

Don Q

2015 Greenwich Theatre & South-East Tour (ACE funded)

2014 R&D / Previews, Arts at the Old Firestation, Oxford

Written by Anna Glynn. Designed and directed by Robin Colyer

"Lyrical, warm, moving and very, very funny"

Jonathan Lloyd, Artistic Director, Pegasus Theatre

"An astoundingly fun, rollickingly big-hearted riot of a show"

Michelle Walker - Artistic Director, Hat Fair 

[formerly Producer, Oxford Playhouse]

The Government Inspector

2015 house Tour

2013 South-East Tour (Arts Council funded)

2012 Debut 4 week sell-out run, Jericho Tavern, Oxford

Adapted, designed and directed by Robin Colyer

"Uproariously funny.... I challenge anyone to see this play and not enjoy it"

Oxford Daily Info


"Huge fun... had a full house stomping and shouting by the end"


Stage Talk Magazine

What To Do When You Find A Dinosaur

2015 Polka Theatre and South-East Tour

2014 Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford Playhouse

An Oxford Playhouse production

Written by Nick Walker and directed by Robin Colyer

Educating Oxford

2015 Commissioned piece for 150th anniversary celebrations, Oxford Brookes University

Written and directed by Anna Glynn.

The Snow Queen

2014 A Pegasus Theatre production directed by Jonathan Lloyd

Robin Colyer – Movement / Assc. Director


2014 Immersive 1920s theatre event raising funds for Flintlock Theatre

Written and directed by Anna Glynn

Space to Think

2013 Commissioned piece for opening of Abercrombie building, Oxford Brookes

Written and directed by Anna Glynn