Welcome the Flintlock Theatre - an original theatre company in Oxford

Honorary Patron: Ian Ricketts


He has loved his time with you, and your care and understanding have really made a huge difference in his life. You’ve been so kind and patient as he went through some tricky times, and his confidence has absolutely blossomed as a result of his time at Flintlock. I really can’t thank you enough.

Imogen, Flintlock Beginners Parent

"His time with you on Saturdays is the highlight of his week. He absolutely loves learning, performing and being one of the troupe. The hard work you and your colleagues have put in over the years has benefited him enormously - thanks for all your efforts."

Greg, Saturday School Parent

"She loves your classes, they have really helped build her self-esteem in the last year."

Vandhna, Saturday School Parent

"Congratulations to all the teachers at Flintlock who bring out the best in their students week after week. Everyone came out on such a high after the exam - especially due to the exam result.

I thought you would both like to know that my girls came out of a Saturday session a few weeks ago bubbling away with happiness and discussing how Flintlock is like a second family to them - especially the advanced group.

Thank you for everything that you do."

Peta, Saturday School Parent

"I just wanted to thank you for the course you ran this week. Theo had such a great time....it was fabulous. The children all seem so happy. Bravo. Can’t wait for the next one!"

Julia, Holiday Course Parent

We’ve both been amazed by how far you have managed to take both our kids - whether in drama,  dance or singing - and even more - the massive confidence boost they both gained from the classes and the performances.

Katie, Saturday School Parent

Just wanted to pass on a big thanks and many congratulations to you and all the teachers for another wonderful show yesterday. So much creativity had hard work had clearly gone into it all, and the kids all seemed to enjoy the experience so much. 


Also … a nice little reflection on your Flintlock community. [Our daughter] really didn’t want to go to school today because of her injury and in the end stayed home. When I noted she that had spent the whole day rehearsing and performing with you guys yesterday and asked what the difference was in terms of dealing with the pain and discomfort, she said that Flintlock is so different from school because people care about you, look after you and ask how you are – both staff and children. And school is not like that . Aside from the implication of this for what goes on at school, I thought this was such a heart-warming comment on the nature of the community you have developed at Flintlock. I think it really does reflect the ethos of working together so that everyone shines that you aspire to. Very glad that [she] is part of this!

Fiona, Saturday School Parent

Many thanks for all your amazing work and support, she has blossomed in your classes.

Mina, Flintlock Beginners Parent

Thanks for the tip about the Oxford Playhouse Panto. [Our daughter] auditioned and got a place. She is really thrilled. I wanted to let you know firstly because she found Johnny's teaching so beneficial. Several of the moves in the dance routine they had to learn in the audition, he had already taught them, she also said that she often found herself thinking about how Johnny has told them to hold themselves and it gave her lots of confidence. Obviously it paid off, so we are sending a big thanks to him.

Fran, Saturday School Parent

I would just like to thank you and the rest of the team for the huge confidence boost Flintlock gave to [our son] last year. He was desperately unhappy at school and was too nervous to walk through the door to your classes; your nurturing atmosphere helped him to thrive.

Susanna, Flintlock Beginners Parent

Thank you for a wonderful summer course for my daughter and niece. It sounded like they both had a terrific time. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance and were properly impressed by the talent, teamwork and organisation that the show demonstrated.
Well done all!

Alison, Holiday Course Parent

[Our son] had a truely fantastic time at film school. It seemed to be a great balance of learning technical skills, using his own creativity and ideas and developing team-working and social skills.  We really appreciate the ideas, enthusiasm and professionalism of those who put together and delivered this course.
Laura, Film School Parent
Last Sunday's performance was amazing!  I can hardly believe that [our child] has gone from refusing to sing solo in front of her class mates to standing up on stage and belting out a solo!
Peta, Saturday School Parent

Thank you sooo much for all your hard work, and the dedication of the whole Flintlock team in putting together such a wonderful performance.

It was spectacular, hugely entertaining and so professional  - all of the performers were just amazing and a joy to watch.

I was particularly impressed by how Daisy just glided through the entire process, no nerves, calm, looking forward to it and enjoying it all. Her confidence has improved so much - THANK YOU!

Amanda, Saturday School Parent

Flintlock Theatre has done so much for [our child's] confidence, so thank you.
Jilly, Saturday School Parent

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for offering your courses of drama, dance, singing and musical theatre at such a good level. [Our daughter] has really enjoyed the years she has spent Saturday morning with you and will continue to reap the benefits of the classes for years to come in the confidence and self-esteem she has gained, as well as the skills she has developed.

Andrea, Saturday School Parent

We were so pleased to read [our son's progress feedback] and so impressed by your commitment and encouragement. He absolutely LOVES the sessions and can't wait to get back to them! Thank you so much for sending it.

Susannah, Saturday School Parent

I want to let you know that he’s really enjoying the Easter course, and that I’ve been really impressed with Flintlock generally. He really loves it, and comes home super happy. Everything is so well organised and all of your staff have been lovely. I feel completely happy leaving him with you because I know he’s safe and going to have a good time.

Imogen, Saturday School Parent

Our daughters have been attending Flintlock Theatre School on Saturdays since September 2013.  They have also taken part in some of their holiday courses where possible.

Based on our experiences over the last 2 1/2 years, we really cannot praise Robin, Anna and their team of highly talented professionals enough.  For [our daughters] it is unquestionably the highlight of their week. They come home fizzing with excitement and enthusiasm for FTS and indeed life in general and this is after performing & practising hard for five hours!

Robin, Anna and their team encourage all the children to work together and support each other, whatever their age and this is clearly seen in the many performances that we have been privileged to watch.  The FTS team have created what we feel is a unique, nurturing environment that has transformed not only the performance skills of our daughters but also their self-confidence.

From the many shows, cabarets and even short films that we have seen over the years, the same children are appearing year after year so we are clearly not the only parents who feel this way.  There is no doubt that our girls will attend FTS Saturday school until they are too old to continue - at which time we anticipate that they will transfer seamlessly to Flintlock Youth Company.
Peta, Saturday School Parent

My experience of Flintlock Theatre School & Company has been outstanding. My daughter has been part of Saturday School for 5 years now and benefited hugely from the creativity, support and encouragement of the teachers and Robin & Anna. I have seen her confidence and skill grow enormously, and that of her peer group - they never fail to delight on show night! And the performances by Flintlock Theatre Company itself are simply among the best theatre I have ever seen. Flintlock has a depth of artistic intelligence, energy and professionalism that is hard to find.

Claire, Saturday School Parent

My daughter has attended many of the holiday workshops run by Flintlock – they are always great fun and she has enjoyed every minute. As a parent, I have been impressed with the friendliness and creativity of the Flintlock team, and the highly efficient way everything is organised.

Alison, Holiday Course Parent

Flintlock has been a terrific experience for him - we have seen him come on terrifically over the years, especially in areas that are not his natural forte, and you and your tutors deserve credit for his achievements. Thank you.
Mike, Saturday School Parent

Yes, [my son] (aged 6) had a truly great time at the trial session! He had a stumbling start as he suddenly felt not sure whether he wanted to join in, but he left that session as happy as can be, and said that he should not have been so unsure!

Olga, Flintlock Beginners Parent

I thought the Addams family performance at the end of last term was a complete knock-out!!  A great spectacle, great performances, so funny and a genius dance routine at the end. Just wish I could see it all again . . . [She] is loving her group, and looking forward to more.
Claire, Saturday School Parent.

We cannot thank you enough. Your combination of expertise, enthusiasm and hard work is inspiring, and something we are very happy to be part of.
Idonea, Saturday School Parent

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and Anna for this term. [She] has absolutely loved it, she comes home tired but happy every Saturday but we had no idea what to expect from the performance. Suffice to say we were blown away by the array of talent and the overall professional feel. Really wonderful!
Jenny, Saturday School parent

[She] thoroughly enjoys her classes with you and we rave about your school to everyone we meet! We think this is one of the best activities [she] has been involved in to date and we can see [her] staying with you for the long term.
Madeline, Saturday School parent

I've never seen [him] so inspired by a course, so a HUGE thank you.
Deborah, Summer Course Parent

She has had a great time at OAPA and it has been a truly positive experience for her - I see a more confident, organized young lady as a result. As a family we have enjoyed the films and productions immensely and have been blown away with the talent and effort of all the young artists.

Brenda, Saturday School Parent

Tom would like to say he had a brilliant, brilliant excelloso [sic] time and I really enjoyed the show and scenery. We'll definitely be booking him in for more holiday clubs - and some term time ones if we can fit it in.
Natasha, 5-8s Holiday Course Parent