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Terms & Conditions

For Flintlock Theatre School

(including Saturday School and Flintlock Beginners)

This rolling agreement is made between the student or the parent/guardian of each student and Flintlock Theatre School (Flintlock Education Ltd), and is valid at all times whilst the student is enrolled at the School and until such time as notice (see section 2) is given. In completing the agreement section below, you accept the following terms and conditions of enrollment at Flintlock Theatre School (FTS):

1. Termly Fees: Fees are due 8 weeks in advance of the start of each term, and must be paid in full. If fees are not paid 8 weeks in advance, the student's place cannot be guaranteed for the subsequent term. If fees are not paid at the start of term the student may be denied tuition.  For details of our current fees, please visit

2. Notice Period: Subsequent to the four-week cooling-off period (see section 3), we require eight weeks’ written notice that you wish to terminate your membership.  If the notice period is not served, classes falling within eight weeks of written notice being received by FTS remain payable.

3. Cooling-Off Period: Upon registering your child for a place at Saturday School or Flintlock Beginners, we provide you with a four-week cooling-off period to enable you to decide that you wish to continue your membership. If you inform us that you no longer wish to continue your membership within the cooling-off period you will be free to terminate your membership with immediate effect. In such circumstances, fees paid in advance for classes beyond your date of leaving will be refunded on a pro-rata basis. If you do not inform us within the cooling-off period that you wish to terminate your membership the normal 8-week notice period will apply (see section 2).

4. Uniform must be worn by all Saturday School students whenever they are in attendance at FTS, comprising FTS t-shirt and black jazz shoes or equivalent. Black trousers or leggings may also be required for performances. (Exception: 5-8 year olds participating in Flintlock Beginners are not required to wear Jazz Shoes and are asked instead to wear soft indoor footwear of their own choice)

5. FTS retains the right to exclude any student from the school, or to ask any student or parent/guardian to leave the school and/or its venue buildings, should their behaviour be found to be inappropriate. In such circumstances, no refund will be due.

6. Flintlock Theatre guarantees to provide the services advertised as Saturday School and Flintlock Beginners on all Saturdays falling within the advertised term dates. FTS will always do our best to ensure that the full range of advertised classes are on offer. However, we retain the right to change the advertised programme of classes in the event of staff illness or other circumstances beyond our control. Flintlock Theatre will not be financially liable for classes or dates cancelled due to events beyond our reasonable control, including cancellation due to extreme weather conditions and public health alerts.

7. Our Safeguarding Policy can be found in the separate Safeguarding document. This can be viewed by any parent/guardian or student upon request.

8. The parent/guardian gives permission for the Flintlock Theatre to use still and video images of the Student in publicity materials. Should the parent/guardian wish the Student to be excluded from publicity materials, this should be put in writing to Flintlock Theatre.


9. The parent/guardian gives permission for Flintlock Theatre Ltd to process and retain personal details of the billing customer (including name, contact details and billing information) and the student (including name, date of birth, relevant medical/allergy information). We will use this information for administration, billing, safeguarding, health and safety, and to keep you informed about forthcoming classes and courses. You have the right to request a copy of the information we hold about you and your child. You may also update the information we hold, or request that we delete it.

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