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Daily Bread, Flintlock Theatre


Robin is onstage baking bread. At least, he would be, if the baby would stop crying and he could stop thinking about the bills for a bit. But why, as he attempts to get to grips with life as a middle-aged Dad, is it his body that bears the brunt of his frustrations?

With a little help from his friends, family, a biomedical scientist and a celebrity-endorsed psychic nutritionist, Robin probes pseudoscience, confronts his mental health, explores the gulf between food faddism and hunger in the UK and questions how diet culture is shaping the world we live in.

After a sell-out run at the Old fire Station last spring, Flintlock Theatre return with a fast and furious solo show featuring a handful of songs, the occasional attempted rap and a TV quiz show that asks: what exactly do we want from our daily bread?

So thought-provoking, so challenging, so poignant - and so funny.

Audience Feedback, 2019 Previews

Written by Robin Colyer & Anna Glynn

Music and Lyrics by Robin Colyer Directed by Anna Glynn
Performed by Robin Colyer

Lighting Design by William Alder

Sound Design by Robin Colyer

Assistant Producer Amelia Thornber

OXFORD - Postponed

The Old Fire Station [Live and Online] 

Details Coming Soon

LONDON - Postponed

Greenwich Theatre [Live]

Details Coming Soon

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“Fantastic show: funny, thought provoking, musical = #brilliant!”

“The best piece of theatre I've seen in a LONG time...”

“So thought-provoking, so challenging, so poignant - and so funny"


"Turned on a sixpence from comedy to poignancy."

“A tour de, funny, really is food for thought”



[Quotes from] Daily Info Alice Nuttall, 16 Sept 2019

A satisfying, wholesome theatrical feast. The first thing you notice when you walk into The Old Fire Station’s theatre to see Daily Bread is the smell of baking sourdough.

Colyer is a hugely talented performer, bringing the sparse set alive as he moved through different points of his journey from being ‘one of the worried well’ to a point of satisfying self-acceptance. Daily Bread aims to refocus our thoughts on food away from diets and ‘good/bad’ eating, and back to that sense of sharing and community – and it succeeds.

[Extract from] Old Fire Station Review 13 Sept 2019

Colyer is a hugely engaging and talented performer, bringing together topics such as diet culture, food myths, faddism, body shaming and poverty. Colyer and Glynn appeared determined to make a difference as well as to entertain. The bread, which was baked as the show opened, didn’t go to waste. The audience was invited to spend the next half-hour breaking bread. The bread, butter and jam was every bit as delicious as the performance.

A must see show which certainly refocused my thinking on dieting, certain foods or food groups being good or bad and focusing on what is important, a healthy attitude and mind-set towards eating and society’s woeful disparities. I left the theatre less grey more intense sky blue.

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