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Flintlock Theatre is led by Anna Glynn and Robin Colyer. We make shows that take place in pubs, village halls, town squares, on the main stages of regional theatres and online.


Our theatre is grounded in the power of ensemble. We love true stories, tall stories and stories that tell us more about being people.  We seek to work with artists and collaborators who are as curious as we are. Our work is not easily categorisable. We make theatre that makes us think, makes us laugh, makes us learn and challenges us. We believe in the importance of community and seek to contribute to our community with our approach. We believe in the power of theatre as a positive force for change.


We’ve been teaching young people at Flintlock Theatre School since 2010. Alongside a team of skilled practitioners, we’re committed to providing a safe, supportive, nurturing space where students can explore their creativity, be themselves and learn to work together. Our students grow in confidence, develop life skills and form enduring friendships.


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Audience Feedback

A 12yo reaction to #flintlockENEMY " Good theatre makes me want to listen, talk, change the world" @flintlocktheatr @harlowplayhouse #jobdone


Audience Feedback

The best piece of theatre I've seen in a LONG time...

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James Hadrell, Greenwich Theatre

A strong example of the quality of new theatre being made around the country.


Greg, Saturday School Parent

His time with you on Saturdays is the highlight of his week. He absolutely loves learning, performing and being one of the troupe. The hard work you and your colleagues have put in over the years has benefited him enormously - thanks for all your efforts.


Peta, Saturday School Parent

I can hardly believe that [our child] has gone from refusing to sing solo in front of her class mates to standing up on stage and belting out a solo!


Gwen, Youth Company Member

This is the best group I've been part of. Flintlock has been so much fun this year and has meant I haven't died of exam stress!

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